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Come va a casa? 5

"The story of a lonely man" di JS, classe 2a Mies.

As I sit here in my study and ponder, and wonder, as the world descends into chaos, I cannot help but close my eyes and cry as the world, once again turns to chaos.

I look down at my watch as the seconds stop, just as they did before, and the bombs start to fall, I begin to panic as I search for my gun, I clench my fists in fear as the first bomb lands, then the next and then another.

The barrage has started, I clench my fist harder, I feel a familiar coldness in my hand, the coldness of steel, the coldness reassures me as I open the chamber, it’s blunt click sends goosebumps down my back.

Then the earth starts to tremble, the sound is unbearable, I whimper as the second bomb lands, then the third, with every bomb landing another three explode, the sound builds up and this great orchestra comprised of the German lieutenants compose their cold symphony of death as yet another body is added to the count, I feel my grip get stronger and stronger as my will to live gets weaker and weaker, my Webley revolver begins to make it’s way up to my temple as I crave the sweet release of death, I open my eyes and the sound is gone.

Then suddenly as I start to hear a faint sound all too familiar to me, I begin to panic. I start to crave the cold steel that learnt to trust all those years ago, I unlock my drawer and take it out, I begin to feel comfortable and at ease, the great bombs seem nothing as I pick it up, I look down and open the chamber once more, the bangs and crashes are starting to get louder and more unsettling, the chamber contains only one bullet, I smile as I take it out, is has my name on it.

I place it back in there, the dirt is falling on my steel helmet, the steel protects me, the cold is my friend, the cold is what will save me, it is my savior as I feel the need to feel more steel pressed against me to drown out the sound of the bombs. The chamber calls to me in a cold voice that starts to lull me into accepting its embrace, I cock back the hammer and pull the trigger asking it to bring me somewhere safe.

As I close my eyes once more and pray for the sound to die out, I hear that reassuring ice cold clicking sound, one last bang ends it all.

The Webley has indeed brought me to a safe place for the black void is safe, but I ask the Webley where my friend is, he answers back, with that same cold endearing voice: “do not worry about him, you are alone now, safe, with me”

I cry out for him but there is no answer, I scream with all the air left inside my lungs, but the only sound is that of my heart beating.

I finally realize that the bombs have stopped, the orchestra reached its crescendo, and I was the final note, but oh how delightfully quiet it is here, how peaceful, how hollow I am and oh how awfully lonely.

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